D6AC Forging Hollow Bar

D6AC Forging Hollow Bar

  • Delivery status: Forged 、
  • Surface: Turned 、
  • Standard: AISI
  • Shape: Round,Flat,Square,Hexagon,Plate,Sheet etc

Product Details

The United States began to be developed in the early '60 s D6AC, modified by the AISI 4340 steel, is widely used in the manufacture of tactical and strategic missile and aircraft engine shell structure.In the mid - 70 - s, D6AC gradually replaced the other alloy structural steel, become a kind of manufacturing special steel grade of solid rocket engine.The new type of surface to air missile "patriot", "red eyes" small missile, large and medium-sized missiles "militia" and "pan xing", "north star", "hercules", etc., the U.S. space shuttle phi 3.7 m also USES D6AC booster shell steel manufacturing.D6AC was also used in the manufacture of F - 111 aircraft landing gear and wing axis, etc.

Supply Ability

Supply Ability: 5000 Ton/Tons per Month Stainless Steel Bar

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